Insurance Marketing Content

Insurance MarketingMarket Quest for Insurance Agents contains informative insurance marketing letters and e-mail you can send to your prospects and current customers to increase your sales.

Special interest letters cover 24 topics and are available for your customers and other business associates. These letters build deeper personal relationships because they provide valuable and specific information that will interest your clients.

Marketing letters come in both print and e-mail formats and include many features:

  • Designed to build long-lasting business relationships and generate referrals
  • Easy to install for drip marketing campaigns
  • Can be edited using Microsoft Word
  • Has space for your digitized photo and scanned signature
  • E-mail header and signatures can be customized
  • Already set up to mail merge with Mortgage Quest database fields

FinancialPro Marketing System

FinancialPro Marketing SystemMarket Quest for Insurance agents includes FinancialPro’s newsletter and HTML library written by top author and expert Dave Hershman. The library contains newsletters and timely e-mail used by financial advisors, brokers, insurance agents, accountants, bankers and more. Every week you will receive up to date financial information that is easily sent through the Internet Webdesk. You will be able to market yourself as an expert to your prospects, customers and referral partners.

The  FinancialPro marketing system includes:

  • Financial news & economic commentary
  • Market reports without complex charts
  • Hard hitting personal finance articles
  • Timely responses to industry and market changes to invoke a sense of urgency
  • Sales advice for your referral partners
  • Focus on all financial news, including insurance, keeps the readers’ attention week after week

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Prospect Marketing Content

  • Auto insurance prospects
  • Home insurance prospects

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Customer Loyalty Marketing Content

  • Auto insurance customers
  • Home insurance customers
  • Life insurance customers

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